Timberwolf – Black Forest Venison & Lamb Formula

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Black Forest Legends is highly useful formula for clearing up dermatologic and other conditions caused by adverse food reactions or the buildup of toxins.
Made with fresh venison meat lamb whitefish salmon and herring oil with an array of supplemental flaxseeds sunflower seeds and dehydrated alfalfa meal..

This diet is fully balanced and has high levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids from herring oil including EPA and DHA. In fact has 1.45% omega 3 essential fatty acids by weight. Research suggests that a high ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids (greater than 1 to 6 omega 3 to omega 6) may lower the incidence of cancer and may even help animals with cancer live longer than they would otherwise.

Higher levels of mixed tocopherols and vitamin E preserve the high levels omega 3s.

EPA benefits the heart and circulatory system by promoting healthy blood triglycerides and blood flow. EPA also plays a role in the natural body movement of joints and can be beneficial to joint pain and inflammation. DHA is the most highly unsaturated fatty acid found in nature. DHA supports normal mental function optimal memory focus and learning.

Included in this formula is our proprietary blend of herbal extracts including parsley thyme basil fenugreek anise seed and in keeping with our woodland objectives blueberries cranberries and apples.

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