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Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Indoor cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition for cats with an indoor lifestyle. It has fewer calories than the Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Optimal Care™ Original formula to help maintain a healthy weight and a unique fiber technology to help avoid hairballs in just 30 days. It also has clinically proven antioxidants to support a healthy immune system for your cat.

Key Benefits

Recommended For:
Adult cats 1 — 6 years of age with an indoor lifestyle.
Not Recommended For:
Kittens, pregnant or nursing cats.
During pregnancy or nursing, cats should be switched to: Science Diet® Kitten Healthy Development, Science Diet® Kitten Healthy Development Ocean Fish & Rice Recipe, Science Diet® Kitten Indoor, Science Diet® Healthy Advantage™ Kitten or Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Kitten
Benefit Nutrient How It Works
  • Healthy immune function Vitamin C + E Ideal levels of clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system.
  • Lean muscle and ideal body weight High quality lean proteins Protein is the building block for lean muscle and helps maintain ideal body condition.
  • Helps maintain healthy weight 52% less fat and 21% less calories* Appropriate levels of energy for an indoor lifestyle.
  • Helps avoid hairballs in just 30 days Unique fiber technology Natural fiber blend comfortably reduces hairballs.
  • Stool odor control High quality ingredients High quality ingredients maximize digestibility and reduce sulfur compounds in stool.

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