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Adult cats – Helps reduce tartar formation

Tartar build-up is the mineralization of dental plaque in contact with saliva, which can lead to sensitive gums. Oral hygiene plays an important role in your cat’s overall health.
ORAL CARE is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps support oral health by reducing the formation of dental plaque.
With double action:
  • Mechanical action: Specifically designed for a targeted action, the ORAL CARE kibble size, texture and shape encourages the cat to chew thoroughly. This mechanical action produces a daily tooth brushing effect that helps reduce the formation of dental plaque on teeth.
  • Chemical action: formula enriched with an “Active Dental Agent” (calcium chelators) which traps the salivary calcium to help limit dental plaque mineralization.
The exclusive use of ORAL CARE is effective after 28 days: up to 59%* reduction in tartar formation.
*Royal Canin internal study, 2005 – Compared to a control feed for adult cats not containing the Oral Care active components and measured on the most vulnerable teeth.
Formulated with a balance of minerals to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

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