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#1 All Systems Product Stabilizer Coat Re-Texturizer & Skin Refresher solves the problem of the over-relaxed over-conditioned over-processed sometimes ‘staticky’ coat due to the over-absorption of oils conditionersor other hair and skin care preprarations. This generally occurs more readily on the dogs who are naturally softer coated or sensitive skinned..Symptions of the over-processed coat are as follows: separation in the coat (greasy or waxy-look) after it has been thoroughly groomed out for show loss of texture static or white flakes on hair or lkin. Excellent for dermatitis of all types skin is naturally rid of infection causing bacteria allowing skin to heal quickly and naturally……Helps to eliminate ‘old dog skin odor’ allergy causing agents from the skin and coat inter-digital cysts safely neutralizes alkaline stains (ie: urine saliva food).

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